Hi, I’m Heather! I love reading and learning new things through books. In this blog, I want to write about the books I read. The main genres I like are:

  • Science fiction and fantasy
  • Historical fiction (mysteries, fantasy, romance)
  • Classic fiction
  • Nonfiction, mainly about science and history with some biographies thrown in.
  • Health and fitness
  • YA, and sometimes children’s books

I’m a beginning runner, so you might see me write about that on here, too. I like to listen to podcasts while I run, especially audio magazines like Escape Pod and PodCastle. I also use the app Zombies, Run! which is like a gamified audiobook. I would recommend it if you like books about the zombie apocalypse, gamification, or need motivation to exercise!

So that’s my outline for my blog. I’m excited to share my love of books with you!