Project for Awesome 2015



The Project for Awesome 2015 is here! It’s my favorite charity event.  It was created in 2007 by YA author John Green and his brother Hank. Together they have a Youtube channel called Vlogbrothers, which you can watch here. People in their community are called nerdfighters or collectively, nerdfighteria. A nerdfighter is a nerdy person who fights to make the world a better place, or”decrease world suck” as John puts it. A nerdfighter may or may not also be a fan of John’s books. (I love John’s books, and consider myself a nerdfighter.)

The Project for Awesome is a charity event on YouTube, where people create videos about their favorite charity, which are then voted on at the Project for Awesome site. There’s also an IndieGoGo page which raises money for charity. The perks there are mostly related to YouTubers (John and Hank, Rhett and Link, Emily Grasslie) or their favorite charities. The money from the Project for Awesome goes to John Green’s foundation, which splits the money between different charities. Money from today, December 11, goes this year to Save the Children and the UN’s High Commission on Refugees. Money from December 12 through the 15th goes to charities chosen by the nerdfighter community–and you!

Last year when I did the P4A I gave $10 to the Harry Potter Alliance (here is their site.) I got an “Apparating Library card” as part of their Accio Books campaign.

My other favorite charities besides the HPA are: (click on the name to go to that charity’s website)  Everyone needs clean water close by in their community! John and Hank also support this one. Here is a list of their videos about visiting places helps, like Haiti. (If the link didn’t work, I searched the Vlogbrothers YouTube page for

Room to Read This organization focuses on literacy and girls’ education in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa. They build schools and libraries, and create books in local languages. One of their fundraisers you can do is a readathon! (It seems mostly for schools here in North America, but I like the idea of books or pages being worth a certain amount of money to donate.)

My local Humane Society branch

Other charities that work in girls’ education, like The Girl Effect. Girls’ education is very important to me because there are still girls in the world who don’t get the same access to education I’ve had in America. I love to read, learn new things, and found work I’m passionate in pursuing. Girls’ education programs give them the same opportunities, and help make the world better through school and life skills initiatives. They also turn into women’s programs, like entrepreneurship.


If you want to make a video or vote on one, here is the main site. To donate, go to the IndieGoGo page.

Update: Other charities I voted for at the P4A site:

Malala Fund 

Girl Up 

Because I Am a Girl 

American Stroke Association: This is a charity important to me and my boyfriend, as he was affected by a stroke before we met.