Goal Tracking with Beeminder 

Beeminder logo

Looking around for a to do app, I decided to use one called Beeminder.

It’s really a goal tracking website and smartphone app “with a sting” as they say. If you don’t meet your goals, you have to pay Beeminder.  You set your daily or weekly goal in numbers, and the site projects what it looks like if you met your goals on a line graph. This projected data is your “Yellow Brick Road.” Stay on the road and you never have to pay. (By default, as of this writing, payment starts at $0 and increases exponentially.  You can set it to stop at a certain amount if you don’t want it to increase that much.)

I like it a lot so far! It seems to combine SMART goals and “don’t break the chain” goal tracking. Beeminder has a blog post from a few years ago explaining SMART goals here.) When I used “don’t break the chain” tracking, it ended up not being motivating for me. “I only checked off two days out of five of my daily goal, I guess I’ll stop.” With Beeminder, the data is now on a graph going up. I’m very motivated to keep my graph moving up and do a small part toward my goals every day!

So far Beeminder is helping me stick to my blogging goals: two posts a month, and stick to reading books I want to review.

P.S. If you’re interested in the visual Don’t Break the Chain method instead of data-centered Beeminder, I used Karen Kavett’s calendar.