Joining the Classics Club


What’s the Classics Club? A group of people who enjoy reading classic novels, and challenge others to read 50 or more classic novels in five years. They have memes,  specific challenges, and discussions. Find out more on their site. On my master list page, I want to read 54 books by 2021. I’m excited to start this year!




#ShelfLove 2016 February Discussion: Book Best Friends

This challenge’s discussion question for this month is: 

Who is your book boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend? What qualities does this character have that makes him/her the best?

A tricky question! I chose strong female characters for “book friends.” I picked: Elizabeth Bennet, Hermoine Granger, and Katniss Everdeen. 

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For a challenge update, I spent January finishing library books, which doesn’t count. But right now,  I’m enjoying a book of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short stories for the challenge. 

#ShelfLove 2016 Update: Visiting Used Bookstores

Last week my boyfriend and I visited family near Grand Junction. I went to a couple of used bookstores there, Grand Valley Books and Out West Books. The employees at both were friendly and helpful.  I ended up not staying as long as I wanted at either, as eating lunch and browsing took up most of the parking meter time!


Out West Books in Grand Junction, CO. Photo by me.


At Out West Books, I bought the paperback edition of The Martian by Andy Weir. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while, and didn’t want the movie tie-in edition. So now I’m counting The Martian as part of the #ShelfLove 2016 reading challenge! I’m also looking forward to watching the movie after I read it!



#ShelfLove Challenge 2016


From looking at challenges on A Novel Challenge’s website, I decided to do the year-long Shelf Love Challenge hosted by Chapter Break, Second Run Reviews, and Bookworm Brandee. The challenge itself is  to “read books that are in your personal library that were obtained before January 1, 2016.”

Here are the other rules from their site:

  • Responsibly obtain books for your personal library.
    • You may wish to abstain from purchasing books or set a book budget for yourself.
  • You decide the best way to get control of your TBR pile and read the books you already own.
  • Library books (and textbooks) do not count for the challenge.
    • You may use your library to obtain different formats of books you already own and count those towards your goal.
  • Participate in the monthly discussion posts by linking up, visiting and commenting on the other participants’ blogs.

I picked this challenge because it was something I wanted to do this year anyway, and they have interesting monthly discussion questions! I have around 35 books I own that I want to read. That puts me in their “Regular Date Night with your books” level.

If you want to sign up click here or on the picture above. I’m excited to get started! I have a good mix of science fiction, historical, and nonfiction to read.

My Ikea bookshelf
Some of the books I’m reading for the 2016 challenge.